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Canada and Korea: Partners in Prosperity and Security

As published in Policy Magazine Canadian business leaders participating in this week’s Team Canada Trade Mission to South Korea have an opportunity to bolster an increasingly important international partnership. In addition to being located on opposite sides of a shared ocean, Canada […]

Budget 2024: The Competitive Advantage of Indigenous Ownership

As published in Policy Magazine Many different perspectives have emerged about the federal budget tabled earlier this week, but everyone should agree that launching a national Indigenous Loan Guarantee Program is good news for the country. The untapped value of economic reconciliation […]

Liberal budget fails the confidence test: fiscal policy, taxes and economic growth is getting worse

As published in The Toronto Star Instilling confidence in the Canadian economy is the top priority for any Finance Minister. This isn’t accomplished through daily announcements, but with sound and thoughtful public policy. Regrettably, this week’s federal budget fails the […]

Don’t tax success by making large employers pay more

As published in The Financial Post The role of government should not be to create jobs , but to establish the economic conditions in which companies can create a growing number of stable, secure well-paying jobs for Canadians. The more workers a […]

Five years later, we’re drifting away from our new North Star

As published in The Hub “A competitive economy is a productive one. More productivity leads to greater prosperity, opportunity and higher living standards. This point cannot be overstated. Competitiveness matters because it contributes to greater productivity, and greater productivity drives […]

March 2024 newsletter

For the latest research, analysis and perspective on business and policy in Canada, sign up for our newsletter today. Dear friends, On Saturday we said goodbye to Canada’s 18th Prime Minister – the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney. I’m struggling to imagine where we […]

North America needs USMCA now more than ever

As published in The Brookings Institution When the text of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) was finalized in December 2019, no one could have predicted that there would soon follow both a global pandemic and a dramatic geopolitical shift back […]

Higher corporate taxes will ultimately hurt Canadians

As published in The Hub The federal government has a spending problem. Not only has it proven unable to reign in current spending, it appears poised to announce new spending in next month’s budget. This raises the perennial question of […]

Government should celebrate, not attack Canadian companies’ success

As published in The Financial Post It is politically expedient in Ottawa these days for the federal government to express disappointment that Canadian companies don’t invest more in Canada. Ottawa says it wants Canadian businesses to invest in Canada, but in […]

Spy business: Why CSIS and corporate Canada must join forces in the war against cyberattacks

As published in the Toronto Star Spies don’t often speak publicly. So, when they do, it’s important to listen. It’s even more important when they are leaders of the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence partnership, who gathered for their first-ever public meeting […]