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Ottawa needs to step up to make Indigenous economic reconciliation a reality

As published in the Toronto Star Fred Di Blasio is a walking, talking embodiment of where economic reconciliation is at right now. He is an Indigenous investment banker armed with lots of personal experience, good will and a solid board […]

Don’t exclude oil and gas from Indigenous loan guarantees

As published in The Financial Post In the past 11 years, Indigenous nations have obtained more than $10 billion in equity in major resource projects across Canada. The bulk of these projects have been in utility assets, but about 40 […]

The Liberal bill to bolster competition is a Trojan horse of bad policy

As published in The Globe and Mail There’s nothing that stifles competitive business more than bad regulation and policy uncertainty. The recently unveiled federal legislation, Bill C-56, saddles us with both. Ottawa wants Canadians to think the bill will improve […]

In the shadow of legends: Where are Canada’s nation builders when we truly need them?

As published in the Toronto Star It’s been a summer of losing some Canadian political icons — the greats of history who have left behind legacies that define our nation and will continue to do so long after their passing. […]

New Trudeau cabinet, same old spending – this hurts the middle class

As published in The Globe and Mail In 2015, the federal Liberals came to power in a period that had been largely defined by secular stagnation on the economic front. In such conditions, both interest rates and demand were low. […]

Why America’s Election is Canada’s Business

As published in Policy Magazine One could say without exaggeration that Canadians follow American elections just as closely as they do their own federal politics. And rightly so. Our economy and security are fully intertwined with our southern neighbour, a […]

While Canada frets, the U.S. moves into high gear on clean energy

As published in the Toronto Star There’s no shortage of ambition when it comes to the federal government’s plans to cut emissions, change the way cars and trucks are made, and electrify large chunks of Canada’s economy. There is, however, […]

Canada’s unilateral push for digital-services tax could sink its U.S. trade deal

As published in The Globe and Mail Earlier this month, Ottawa decided to break with a clear majority of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries by refusing to delay the imposition of a unilateral digital services tax in January, […]

Wages? Housing? Profiteering? Port strikes show us that maybe supply chain logjams are an inflationary culprit after all

As published in The Toronto Star Remember the days when inflation first started to steep into the Canadian economy, and everyone pointed to supply chain bottlenecks as the culprit? It was a passing phase, swamped by a longer list of […]

To boost economic growth, Canada desperately needs free trade among our 13 provinces and territories

As published in the Toronto Star Last month I had the privilege of participating in the inaugural Atlantic Economic Forum hosted by the Mulroney Institute at St. Francis Xavier University. The key takeaway for me was an answer given by Canada’s […]