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The evolution of the manufacturing industry 

Linda Hasenfratz reflects on her leadership journey and Linamar’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She shares her perspective in EY’s Leading Women in Manufacturing video series.  “Diversity and inclusion has been a really important part of […]

The future of agriculture and innovation 

In announcing a $600 million investment in McCain Foods’ Coaldale, Alberta plant, Max Koeune highlights how the expansion will support Canadian regenerative agriculture practices and sustainable farming. “The development in Alberta marks our largest global investment in our 65-year history, totaling […]

Taking risks and being courageous 

In a fireside chat hosted by Canadian Club Toronto, Rania Llewellyn joined Tanya van Biesen to discuss her own emergence as a business leader and to offer advice on how leaders can foster an environment that values inclusion and diversity. […]

Improving access to innovative mental health supports

Darryl White and Mirko Bibic believe that providing access to safe and trusted mental health support can remove barriers to inclusion and enhance life for all Canadians. They share their perspectives in a press release announcing BMO and Bell as […]

Canadian companies have a true opportunity 

Nicolas Marcoux believes that business leaders can overcome short-term challenges by transforming their companies to succeed for the long-term. He shares his perspective in an op-ed in The Globe and Mail about the key findings of PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO […]

Creating energy savings to meet the needs of future generations

Jean-Louis Servranckx believes that advancing sustainable infrastructure and battery storage projects are essential for a successful transition to a net-zero economy. He shares this perspective in Aecon’s announcement that it is collaborating with Oneida Energy Storage LP and Ontario’s Independent […]

Investing in emissions reduction

John Graham discusses CPP Investments approach to the energy transition as a long-term investment opportunity to address the challenges posed by climate change and the shifting global landscape. He shares his perspective in the ARC Energy Ideas podcast hosted by […]

Zero carbon should be the new norm

Jon Love joins Lisa Raitt on CIBC’s The Raitt Stuff podcast to discuss the shift to zero-carbon investment solutions and sustainable business models. “I think ultimately zero carbon will be a baseline and the buildings are a major contributor, including […]

A win for Canada is a win for the world

François Poirier believes that Canada has the ability to lower emissions and be a dependable supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to the world. He shares his perspective at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Canada 360° Economic Summit. “The country […]

Supporting women and girls in STEM

Penny Wise believes mentoring and having women role models in STEM can go a long way in removing barriers preventing women from pursuing careers in engineering and science. She shares her perspective in a Global News interview on the “Girls […]