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Productivity Booster: Leveraging innovation, offering Canadian workers a path to prosperity on their terms

As published on National Newswatch It is no secret that the Canadian economy continues to grapple with stagnating productivity levels, recently leading the Bank of Canada to declare it as an emergency. In recent years, Canada’s productivity has decreased to just 71 […]

The message from Ottawa is clear: Growing businesses should look elsewhere

As published in The Globe and Mail Canada is home to a diverse and highly skilled work force, and we have the most educated talent pool in the world. The proliferation of remote work has also made it easier for […]

Without urgent action on Canada’s lagging economy, your quality of life will suffer

As published in the Toronto Star Canada stands at an economic crossroads, outpaced by countries we once led. The warning lights are flashing across our economic sector, but nobody seems particularly concerned. That needs to change, quickly. The most recent […]

Sharing intelligence: the smartest way to protect Canadians against rapid rise in cybercrime

As published on National Newswatch Canadian businesses have long enjoyed a relatively stable geopolitical environment, but the world is changing. A significant rise in geopolitical tensions and conflict have created a tremendous amount of uncertainty and led to a sharp […]

Embracing the challenges that drive change 

In an episode of EY series’ Energy Drivers podcast, Scott Balfour talks about embracing innovation and overcoming challenges to produce sustainable and reliable energy.   “This isn’t just about technology. It’s an important piece to it, of course, but it’s not […]

Representation is key to collective success 

Meghan Roach underscores the importance of representation, diversity and inclusion for Canadian businesses. She shares her perspective in the announcement of Roots’ partnership with BlackNorth Initiative to sponsor “Athletes on Track” that provides financial support and mentorship to Black student-athletes in […]

Leading battery cell production

Gord Johnston underscores Stantec’s significant role and commitment to leading battery cell production around the world. He shares his perspective in Stantec’s announcement of a new partnership with Agratas to design a £4 billion battery cell manufacturing facility in the […]

The future of residential development

In an interview with Global News to discuss federal government housing announcement, Marc de La Bruyère highlights the challenges and opportunities for increasing the supply of housing in Edmonton.     “It’s a really good first step, but it’s only a first […]

Meeting Asia’s energy needs

In a LinkedIn post celebrating the christening in South Korea of the Boreal Voyager, a newly commissioned time charter, Vern Yu highlights the important role that Canadian liquefied petroleum (LPG) can play in improving energy security in the Indo-Pacific. AltaGas […]

Nation building: Collaborating for a stronger Canada

As published on LinkedIn At Deloitte, we are committed to building a shared path for reconciliation with Indigenous communities, businesses, and across Canada. We remain committed to taking concrete actions every day to strengthen trust and rebuild relationships between Indigenous and […]