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Becoming a globally significant player in LNG 

Heather Exner-Pirot highlights how Canada needs to use its resources strategically and export LNG to compete globally. She shares her perspective in a speaker series event hosted by the Surrey Board of Trade and Resource Works celebrating the completion of […]

Preparing for the 2026 CUSMA review 

Louise Blais says that Canada should be prepared to ensure a smooth review of CUSMA by avoiding certain actions that could create unintended consequences. She shares her perspective with The Hill Times in an article about the mandated CUSMA review […]

Canada must meet its international obligations

Goldy Hyder underscores the importance of meeting Canada’s 2% defence spending commitment to ensure national security and fulfill its global responsibilities. His letter to the Prime Minister on this topic was featured in multiple news outlets prior to the NATO […]

Engaging with Indo-Pacific partners

Trevor Kennedy believes Canada needs consistent engagement with our Indo-Pacific partners to capitalize on new opportunities. He shares his perspective with The Logic in an article about global trade trends and the impact on Canada.  “We can’t just sign a […]

Partnership is essential for protecting Canadians

Trevor Neiman emphasizes the importance of partnership between governments and businesses to address the economic security risks posed by foreign and non-state actors. His perspective and the BCC’s report,“Economic Security is National Security”,were featured in an article by The Logic […]

Strengthening the economic relationship between Canada and the U.S. 

In a segment on 630 CHED in Edmonton and QR Calgary, John Dickerman joins host Shaye Ganam for a conversation about the future of the Canada-U.S. economic relationship in anticipation of the upcoming Presidential elections.   “ One of the things […]

New security legislation will help Canadian businesses combat threats

Goldy Hyder emphasizes the importance of Bill C-70, an Act respecting countering foreign interference, and how it will improve threat intelligence sharing with Canadian enterprises, modernize laws, and strengthen national security. His statement was featured in multiple news outlets about […]

Budget holds back Canada’s potential

The Business Council of Canada believes the budget does not address important problems facing Canadians today and discourages economic growth. Our press release and views were featured in several media stories about the 2024 federal budget.   “With the tax-and-spend budget […]

Uncontrolled spending is not sustainable

Robert Asselin says that repurposing previous budget commitments and raising taxes makes Canada less competitive and passes the debt burden on to future generations. He shares his thoughts with multiple news outlets ahead of the federal budget. “I’m pretty confident […]

Canada needs to build credibility 

In an interview with the National Post’s Stuart Thomson, Goldy Hyder highlights that the upcoming budget should send the right signal to Canadians.  “You have to build credibility by doing what you said you were going to do, this government […]