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Balancing revenues and promises 

Robert Asselin says Canada should support growth and adopt a more fiscally prudent approach to avoid further stagnation. His perspective was shared in a story published by The Hub about the trajectory of Canada’s economy.   “For me, sustainability is when […]

Toward a better trade environment  

Goldy Hyder joins host Jacqueline Hansen on BNN Bloomberg’s The Close to discuss the recent G20 Summit and what it means for Canadian business. “Canadian know-how, Canadian capacity is highly regarded. I think what would help is if we can […]

Stronger national security leads to a stronger economy

The Business Council of Canada’s latest report National Security is Economic Security calls on the government to create a robust national security strategy with economic security at its core. The report’s content and recommendations were featured by multiple news outlets. […]

Boosting the security, safety and prosperity of all Canadians

Trevor Neiman underscores the need for a national security strategy to effectively combat growing threats facing Canadian businesses, the government and citizens. His perspective was shared in a multiple news stories about the Business Council of Canada’s recent report, National […]

Canada needs to address debt service ratio concerns

Robert Asselin highlights that if the debt service ratio continues to rise, Canada will need to start making difficult decisions about spending. His perspective and our joint Bennett Jones report on fiscal sustainability were mentioned in The Globe and Mail […]

Strengthening Canada’s relationship with the Indo-Pacific 

Goldy Hyder highlights the economic case for forging stronger ties with the Indo-Pacific region. He shares his perspective with multiple news outlets about the recent ASEAN and G20 summits.   “These regions are running significant coal as their source of power, […]

Managing the energy transition

In an episode of The Hub podcast, Heather Exner-Pirot engages in a wide-ranging discussion with host Sean Speer about the energy transition, the benefits of nuclear power, Indigenous economic development, and the potential of lunar mining. “There’s a growing sense […]

Approaching critical mineral development with urgency 

Heather Exner-Pirot discusses the importance of accelerating regulatory and permitting approvals to enable the production of critical minerals and the development of energy projects. Her memo and perspective were featured in an interview with Politico Playbook at the Wilson Center’s […]

Focus on growing the economy 

Robert Asselin lists four fiscal priorities federal government should focus on this fall. His perspective was shared in multiple news sources about prioritizing economic growth.   “The government should have a progress agenda — they need to be seen as wanting to […]

Economic growth should be a priority

Goldy Hyder calls on the federal government to focus on policy measures that would spur long-term economic growth. His letter was featured in a Globe and Mail article about the August 21-22 cabinet retreat in Charlottetown.