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Budget 2023 should strengthen Canada

The Business Council of Canada’s letter to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland was featured in an article by The Hub about what to expect in Budget 2023. “Canada cannot be the weak link in the economic security chain with our trading […]

Budget 2023 should meet Canada’s competitive challenges 

Robert Asselin believes that focusing on effective policy implementation can help advance Canada’s energy transition and national competitiveness. His perspective was cited extensively by multiple news outlets in coverage of the upcoming 2023 Federal Budget. “Meeting the competitive challenge of […]

Canada should have a seat at the IPEF table

Trevor Kennedy says Canada is prepared to join the conversation and participate in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). He shares his perspective with Inside U.S. Trade about President Biden’s speech to parliament during his visit to Ottawa and what role […]

A time of urgency, ambition, and action

Looking ahead to the federal budget, Goldy Hyder urges the government to develop a strategic and competitive plan to leverage Canada’s strengths and attract investment. He shares his perspective in an interview with CTV News’ Power Play and CBC News’ […]

Working together with the United States 

Louise Blais joins Tony Wayne at Americas Society/Council for the Americas (AS/COA) for a briefing on the Canada-U.S. partnership and expectations for U.S. President Biden’s visit to Canada. Her comments were cited by several news sources.  “I think both countries understand […]

Creating a federal Indigenous loan-guarantee program 

Goldy Hyder and Chief Sharleen Gale’s joint op-ed on calling for the federal government to create a national Indigenous loan-guarantee program was featured in a story by The Globe and Mail about what new energy policies to expect in the upcoming […]

President Biden’s visit is an opportunity to strengthen ties

Goldy Hyder urges Canada to strengthen its co-operation with the U.S. in security of all forms – national, economic, energy and cyber. His perspective was cited in several news articles in anticipation of U.S. President Joe Biden’s official visit to […]

Infrastructure essential to Canada’s economy

In an interview with CTV News, Goldy Hyder discusses the role infrastructure development will play in Canada’s energy transition.  “It’s not enough to just bring [critical minerals] out of the ground, you have to be able to refine them, you […]

Canada’s energy evolution

The Business Council’s recent report Innovate, compete, and win calls for a comprehensive national strategy to position Canada as a global leader in the energy transition. Media coverage of the report focused on a few of the recommendations. “Canada urgently […]

Working with America’s continental allies

Louise Blais believes now is the time for stronger economic collaboration between North American partners. She shares this perspective with Canadian Press ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. “Starting this year, actually, there’s been a real […]