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Immigration driving economic growth

Goldy Hyder’s op-ed on economic immigration and the importance of recognizing foreign credentials was featured in a Canadian Press article about Canada catching up to its American counterpart by welcoming more newcomers.  “This narrow-minded attitude ignores the fact that most […]

Economic policymaking in practice

Robert Asselin joins Randall Bartlett and members of the Canadian Association for Business Economics for a wide-ranging conversation about his career, the reemergence of political economy, and what Canada can do to compete globally. “Where do we think we are […]

Strengthening ties with Germany 

Goldy Hyder’s statement welcoming the vote to ratify the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) was featured in a Politico article about Germany’s coalition parties taking steps to further strengthen the Canada-EU relationship.  “Germany is Europe’s largest economy and […]

It’s all about economic security

Louise Blais joins CTV Powerplay to discuss the government’s new Indo-Pacific strategy. She welcomes the policy but also calls for Canada to better leverage its own resources to advance its economic interests in this increasingly important region.   “What we […]

Converting aspirations into actions and actions to accomplishments 

Goldy Hyder welcomes the government’s new Indo-Pacific strategy for advancing economic interests, but calls for more emphasis on ways Canada can contribute to energy security in this critically important region. His statement and perspective were cited extensively by multiple news […]

Call for a focused and measurable approach to the Indo-Pacific 

Robert Asselin highlights that to maximize the potential of the Indo-Pacific strategy, the government needs to have a calculated and focused approach. He shares his perspective in a Canadian Press article about Canada’s new Indo-Pacific strategy.  “Directionally, the government laid […]

Contributing to Canada’s place in the world

Trevor Kennedy believes the new Indo-Pacific strategy can advance Canada’s trade interests at the regional and the sub-regional level. He shares his perspective in an article by The Logic about the new Indo-Pacific strategy.  “It’s an important contribution to Canadian […]

Canada helping fight ‘third front’ of Ukraine war

Goldy Hyder sat down with the Financial Post‘s Larysa Harapyn at the Rebuild Ukraine conference in Toronto to discuss the role Canada’s business community can play in the reconstruction of Ukraine after the fighting ends. “Let’s be smart in how […]

The need to focus

Robert Asselin highlights that Canada needs to be strategic in how it allocates new growth funds and projects. His perspective along with Goldy Hyder’s letter to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland were cited in an article by Bloomberg about Canada’s response […]

Ensuring Canadian success

Goldy Hyder highlights the importance of long-term thinking and investment to ensure prosperity in Canada. He shares his perspective in a discussion about the Indo-Pacific strategy hosted by the Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs.  “We think […]