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Canada in the Pacific Century

Canada in the Pacific Century

Asia’s rise is the single most transformative force within the global economy. Once a source of inexpensive labour and manufactured goods, countries in the Asian region are now driving the world’s economic growth. Rapid urbanization and the expected doubling of the world’s middle class over the next 15 years will have profound and far-reaching consequences, from unprecedented competition for food, energy and other natural resources, to a reshaping of the multilateral trading system. Countries and companies that adapt successfully to these changes can expect to prosper and grow; others will be left behind.


Canadian businesses are active in Asia – but getting information about their investments, trade priorities and human capital needs is not easy. Spearheaded by the Munk School of Global Affairs,  the CANASIA Footprint map displays the nearly 1200 locations of Canadian companies and organizations in Asia, filtering by sector, country and province. Based on publicly available data, this is a living, evolving map that helps illustrate the involvement of Canada’s business community in Asia.

Taking Action for Canada

Taking Action for Canada

The global economy is evolving. Developing countries, from China to Brazil, are making unprecedented investments in education and training. Countries that were once poor and low-skilled are rapidly moving up the value chain, producing increasing numbers of highly educated workers.

Succeeding and prospering in the 21st century will require a broad national effort to strengthen Canada’s human capital advantage. In 2013, the Business Council launched Taking Action for Canada: Jobs and Skills for the 21st century. Since then, the Council has continued its work on ensuring Canada can be home to the world’s most dynamic and innovative workforce.

Partner Initiatives

The Business Council partners alongside a number of organizations with a shared vision for economic growth and Canadian prosperity.

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